Andrea Bond

My Life and Times in one page? That’s hard! What’s interesting? Money? Operas? Birds? Grandchildren? Honors and Awards? Publications? Interests and curiosities over the years? OK.

Well, not long after graduation I moved to San Francisco, home of many curious interests, and started having a good time. I dated a cable car gripman, and at the wheelhouse was shown into the very subterranean room with the sign on the door saying, “Please leave dead rats where they are.” I went to the Fillmore in my Mylar dress, with aluminum coating, to see the Jefferson Airplane and the Doors of Perception. I danced to Janis Joplin and Chuck Berry and Ray Charles and the Beatles, all live, then. I cheered for Oscar the Bull at rodeos. I kept talking myself into better opera seats until I was happily ensconced in S106 on Wednesday nights. I joined the Sierra Club and then started jogging on the Marina Green. I became a National Outings Leader, a Proud Moment. I made a snug igloo with air hole and slept in it; looking up from inside in the day was beautiful – all icy blue. I read a lot of Proust, the Memoires du duc de Saint Simon, the letters of Mme de Sevigne.

I went to SFState for a masters, and then Berkeley for a PhD in Early Modern European history. But the Love Nest I lived in burned up, things fell apart, my advisor left abruptly for Princeton, and I got depressed. It wasn’t any fun falling into a black hole. Time evaporated. But I crawled out at last, with help from some friends.

A software company sent me to Japan to train people for installations, then lost its contract. I went back to Japan to teach English and live on what seemed another planet. Trained by opera fanhood, I loved Kabuki and Noh, and have a complete set of Snoopy Kabuki school things with Snoopy in the Ichikawa Danjuro XII roles.

I moved back to SF, leaving my Japanese Demon Lover. My father got tottery, and I came to Coronado to support him. We two, so much alike, had terrific arguments and the best laughs together. But he died, and I inherited one third of a bitty house with huge yard and 40 fruit trees. Back to school to learn horticulture. At the local Japanese restaurant, the owner introduced me to a guy who needed help with English. So started my turn at tutoring Japanese children, wives, and businessmen, who like me because I am housebroken for shoes and tea and crackers, and because I can speak a little Japanese.

For my 60th birthday, I gave a glorious party, with caterer, a string trio (no pops, classical only), champagne, and fairy lights in the trees. But nobody called the cops, since I invited the neighbors. I was outraged that everyone had left by 10 pm. I guess my friends are getting older. I volunteer at the Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Refuge, monitoring the beach where the Least Terns nest. And I am co-chair of the Cut Flower Section of the World-Famous (in Coronado) Flower Show.

I took a three week vacation in 1999 to go to Switzerland for the Fete des Vignerons, celebrated four times a century. That was simply a splendid show and party. The next one is in 2024, in Vevey. Anyone want to go?