Anne Quick Caprioglio

My life, 40 years after graduation, continues to be full of surprises, and certainly not what I would have expected when I was 21. 10 years ago my Italian husband (of 29 years) terminated his career in La Jolla and took a position in Prague as a representative of the European Commission. Our original plan, when we left the U.S., was to remain in the Czech Republic for one year and then return to California. I took a leave of absence from my position with the County of San Diego where I had been a social worker/supervisor for Adoptions.

After 3 years in Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, we moved to Brussels where we remain today. I love living in Europe with its daily reminders of history, the slower pace of life, the wonderful transportation systems, and the chance to visit so many places. We have been in Europe during a very interesting decade. First we experienced the life style of the former Communist countries, then lived through the division of Czechoslovakia and recently we have been present for the introduction of a completely new monetary system, the Euro.

We are able to see my husband’s daughter and grandchildren living in Italy, and occasionally stay in our apartment in Milan. We still have our home in La Jolla and return every summer and Christmas. Our plan is to eventually live there, but in the meantime, we are enjoying Europe.

I have managed to learn French (in spite of a mediocre performance in French 101 at Pomona) and speak it almost as well as Italian and better than Spanish. I never would have predicted, at age 21, that I would be able to converse comfortably in three languages.

I shall miss seeing our class at the reunion, and hearing how others have fared during the last 40 years. I think, for me, Pomona gave me the confidence and tools that I have used to deal with whatever has come my way.