Anne Gullett Macek

After graduation from Pomona with a math degree, I worked as a computer programmer at Burroughs Corporation in Pasadena. After our children were in school I resumed my programming career at Los Alamos National Laboratory. “Computer work” has certainly evolved. There was no computer science degree when I was at Pomona. I began programming in Algol and Fortran; now I implement database applications and web pages. I am thinking about retiring next year.

Bob, a physicist from Cal Tech, and I were married in December 1962. We lived in Pasadena, Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona, and Philadelphia, before settling in Los Alamos, New Mexico, in 1969. We have a house on a canyon with view to Santa Fe 35 miles away. Luckily our house is not in the area that burned in the wild fires of 2000. During the fire we evacuated to the home of classmate Challis Letton Thiessen in Santa Fe.

Both of our children are grown and married. Our son Daniel, an electrical engineer, lives in San Diego. Both he and his wife, Kyong, are graduates of UC Berkeley. Our daughter Karen is a biochemist. She graduated from UC Davis and the University of Michgan. Her husband is a physicist.