Chris Carpenter

Chris and Molly Carpenter

Unfortunately, a lawyer is trained to treat a list of questions like a set of written interrogatories, to be answered with extreme obfuscation and evasion. I hope to keep this tendency under control as I work my way through the questions for the class of 1962 (keeping in mind that I am not under oath).

Work: 3 years in Air force JAG in the late ‘60s in San Bernardino. 30 plus years practicing law at Best Best & Krieger in Riverside. Now semi-retired handling only trusts and estates for the same firm.

Proudest Moment: Pride goeth before the fall, so let’s skip this one.

Memorable Experiences: Paying off the mortgage and 5 holes in one.

Pomona Experience: Meeting my future wife Molly (Molly West, Pomona Class of ‘63).

Favorite Professors: Dr. Poland - silver tongued orator; Dr. Ferm - good sense of humor.

Future Plans: Probably practice law part time indefinitely, travel now and then and stay healthy.