Clarence T. Sasaki, M.D.

After graduating in 1962 it was off to Yale Medical School. Internship at UCSF (SF General Hospital). Surgery at Dartmouth followed by two years on the active Army Reserve (95th Evac Hospital, Da Nang). Returned to Yale and completed residency in 1973. Stayed on the faculty. Seriously considered moving to Penn for chairmanship but remained loyal to YMS where I have been the Charles W. Ohse chair since the 1980’s.

Medicine as a business is brutal. Unfortunately, business success is the only means of securing research and educational success in an unsettled (and unsettling) academic environment.

To be sure, there have been lapses in effort and concentration, and thoughts of leaving the academic struggle seemed to surface from time to time. Fortunately (or unfortunately), I was just awarded a $2.6 million grant to expand the department and renew research. What Pomonan would leave a level playing field?

The family prospers. Carolyn and I have been together for 35 years. Peter, our older son, is managing partner of Logos Capital Management in New York City. John, the younger, is a visual effects artist at Sony, Los Angeles.

Favorite Professor: Fred Sontag, who gave me the confidence to wander abstractly but never allowed me to forget the power of the disciplined pen in sharing the experience.

Future: Fixing cars and going fishing.