The Coach Chuck Mills Football Reunion

Coach Mills invited players from all five colleges for which he had coached. About 300 showed up. The reunion was at the Monte Carlo Hotel in Las Vegas, June 20-21, 2006. Hal Coons was the Pomona spokesperson. The activities included a reception, a captains' lunch, dinner for all, and golf. There were many tributes to Coach Mills, some from assistant coaches whom he had helped to go on to head coaching jobs.

Thanks to Steve Pauley for the pictures. These and many more can be seen at

Leeroy Sweeney '61, Dan King '61, Dave Hinds, John Swanson Liljenstolpe, Coach Mills, Fred (Rick) Barnes, Steve Pauley, Ken Morimoto, Ken Smith

Jim Sherman '60, John Swanson Liljenstolpe, Hal Coons, Dave ?, Ron Smith '63, Dave Hinds, Pete Rodi (beard), Steve Pauley, Ken Morimoto, Ken Smith, Leeroy Sweeney

Ken Smith, Dan King, John Swanson Liljenstolpe, Ken Morimoto, Dave Hinds, Steve Pauley

Fred (Rick) Barnes, Hal Coons, Ken Morimoto

Dan King and Coach Walt Ambord, who followed Coach Mills. Walt was the backfield coach when our class played.