Dennis Yeomans

I can't say I've kept up with any acquaintances from Pomona, except Ken and Georgia Snoke's Xmas messages, and Steve Chew, who joined me in UCLA's first class of dental students. It was a small class of "thoroughbreds" and we have always kept in touch. I have nothing but great (if growing faint) memories of Pomona.

Believe it or not, my first set of kids are only 17 and 14, and my son just got a flyer from Pomona College.

I spent the most influential year of my life in Switzerland after dental school, and after traveling overland across the Middle East, ended up on Guam. In those days, the ocean was my avocation. I helped set up and operate a Dental Auxiliary Training Program at the Univ. of Guam, and then built Guam's first modern dental clinic.

After about 5 years of this I got tired of being successful, and my wife and I returned to Southern Calif. and from 1976-86 lived an alternative life style consisting mainly of hang gliding for me and windsurfing for her and not making any money or thinking about the future. When we did think of the future and family, we returned to Guam, where I started another large dental practice (sold it 8 years ago, now semi-retired) and my wife started a chain of very successful surf shops. She has competed in two Olympics in windsurfing representing Guam.

Three years ago, I competed in the World Hang Gliding Championships in Australia. Flying, especially soaring, is now my addiction in life. I also fly tourists around in a flying inflatable boat attached to a hang glider wing.

We are returning to Switzerland next week for a visit and to check out a school we are considering allowing our daughter to attend for one year.

I have ordered a new motorglider.

So, that’s me. Wish I could say I am trim and slim.

Best wishes to everyone