Diana Palmer

Overview of my working life since 1962:

Son, Evan, b. 2/65 (now writes programs for computer games)

Daughter, Kathryn, b. 6/66 (attorney -- mostly real estate law -- with Arnold & Porter in DC)

Daughter, Mary, b. 9/69 (fundraising/development office at Chadwick School in Palos Verdes)

Stayed home with them until 1976 when I started back to work.

Plans for the future:

To find (another) job and keep on working. I've done a bit of travel: i.e. been to Washington DC enough times to get through the entire Smithsonian once. Spent a month in South Africa and a stop-off in London on the way home.

Have sung with the choir at All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena long enough to get my 25th anniversary Cross pen and pencil set.


Seems to be in all aspects of non-profit organization management, plus public relations, community relations, and government relations.

Got a masters in Secondary ed from Tufts Univ. which I've never used. Own my house and car (a '97 Honda Civic hatchback with 30,000 miles and a Gore/Lieberman 2000 bumper sticker) free and clear, which is good because I'm not working!