Doug Newell

After Pomona, I attended Harvard Law School and graduated in 1965. My first job was clerking for a Federal Judge. I then practiced law for five years before joining the faculty of law at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland in 1971. I have been here ever since, and have held an endowed chair since 1994. My main teaching fields are contract law, commercial law and entertainment law.

I was married in 1968 and divorced in 1983. My daughter was born in1970. That she is almost 32 ages me more than anything else.

I live in Lake Oswego, which is just south of Portland. Work occupies most of my time but I manage to find time to walk, read, watch sports, travel and visit the Oregon Coast.

Pomona is just a distant memory. On balance it was a positive experience. The faculty members I remember best are Doctors Rostvold and Douglass. Both were very kind and supportive.

In the future I plan to continue teaching and to travel some more.