Flamen (David) Ball

Flamen Ball with granddaughter Lilly Kate and poodle Brandy

Margie Irene Barber and I were married August 20, 1966, at First Presbyterian Church in Houston. We have had two sons and a daughter, who are married, and we have two granddaughters, both born in 2001. We also claim a seven-year-old step-grandson. Our children all attended small private liberal arts institutions in Texas (Austin College, Schreiner College, and Southwestern University). Our life together and with our children, and now grandchildren, have been the best part of my life.

Margie and I are both elders in the Presbyterian Church, and church related activities have been very important in our lives. I guess that that is a very different David Ball than you would remember from Pomona College. Music is very much a part of our lives, and we are long-standing choir members. William F. Russell and the college choir have been more important to me than I could have ever believed while a college student. Classical sacred choral music really flourished in me in so many ways! So Mr. Russell was my most influential professor. Close behind him would be Dr. Yost Amrein who solidified my desire to become a physician. My interest in zoology also continues strong.

I still enjoy the practice of pediatrics, so retirement is not in my immediate plans, but when it does come, it will allow us more time for gardening, traveling together, and grandparenting.

I wish we could make it to the reunion, but our vacation time this year will be at the Worship and Music Conference at Mo Ranch in the Texas hill country near Kerrville.