Freya Figland Schmus

Freya and Wayne Schmus

Wayne (HMC ’62) and I were married during spring break of our senior year, so we’re about to celebrate our 40th anniversary also. Our initial jobs were local – Wayne with California Electric Power Co. in San Bernardino, while I got a job with Aerojet General. Wayne was in the Navy Reserve, however, so we were soon to move to Long Beach. He was assigned to the U.S.S. Turner Joy (yes, the Gulf of Tonkin incident really happened). I worked on the Apollo project for North American Aviation until retiring to raise our children.

When Wayne finished his Navy time, he found that CEP had been bought by Southern California Edison Co. He had the good fortune to have an interesting and challenging job there until his retirement in 1996. Since then, he has been a Red Cross Volunteer, and been active in the music ministry at our Presbyterian Church as well as some Presbytery Committees. He is now also able to devote much of his time to his first love, Dixieland Jazz. He plays clarinet and sax in the Firehouse Stompers, a.k.a. The Gloryland Gospel Band on Sunday mornings.

I spent my “non-working” years doing Bible Study Fellowship, Brownies and Girl Scouts, P.T.A, volunteering in elementary and junior high classrooms, and acting as Financial Secretary for our church. About the time that I thought about going back to work to help with college bills, I quickly found myself with three households of elderly invalids who insisted that they would die in their homes. I supervised their care for the next ten years, and for better or for worse, was able to keep them all in their homes. As I took over more of their financial affairs, I decided to take a tax course. I retired last year from 14 years with H&R Block.

The great joy in our lives has, of course, been our three children and their offspring. Carol graduated from UCI, and is currently the Product Services Manager for an electronics firm in Irvine. She and her husband, Scott, have given us two wonderful grandchildren, Julie and Andrew. Deanna, Pomona ’91, is a CPA. She is dividing her time between a couple of part-time jobs and participating in her church’s praise band. She and Matthew have presented us with Renee and Joanna. David got his B.A. at Pepperdine and his M.A. from Talbot Seminary. He is currently teaching history and civics at his alma mater, Los Altos High School. He and Jennifer have also given us the obligatory two grandchildren, Kaylynn and Anne. The age range is from 20 months to six years. We are blessed that they all live in the area, and we can spend lots of time with them.

We are currently living in Pasadena, and planning to increase our travel time in the coming years.