Class of '62 Website Help


This whole website is navigated using the menus at the left.

The blue column is divided into two sections.

The upper section, called "Site Menus", lists the names of the eight menus that are available.

The lower section is where you will see the menu details.

The heading on this section will always be the name of the menu being displayed.

Accessing any item on the site is a two stage process.

First click the name of one of the eight menus in the upper section.

Then click one of the entries listed on the menu in the lower section.

The selected item will then appear in this window.

Most of the displays are longer than the screen, so you will need to scroll down to see them all.

The Metate Pictures are contained in a large PDF file. It may take a while to download before you see the pictures.

If your browser does not have a PDF viewer plugin, you can download one here.

The two menu sections will always be displayed, so you can switch between menus any time you like.