James E. Storm, M.D.

Major Commitments:

1. Family since 1986, with two daughters 15 and 10, all a great joy.

2. Psychoanalysis, adult, adolescent, and child, together with some teaching at UCSF and other residencies.

Other Commitments:

1. Multiple recreations, especially sculling, swimming and occasionally shooting, snowshoeing when the family skis, surfing when we head south in summer.

2. Shop and bench pursuits, multiple antique technologies, photography, and general contractor on our house.


1960's: Medals in Olympics, Pan Am Games, World and National Rowing Championships, work as a chemist, postgraduate classes in literature.

1970's: Graduation from medical school and psychoanalytic institute and beginning practice.

1980's: Practice, marriage and birth of first child.

1990's: Birth of 2nd child and stopping all association with insurance and managed care patients.

2000's: Rebirth of joy in practice with no more dealings with insurance carriers, taking a couple of afternoons off each week.

My slow times in sport remind me of my age, my daughters keep me in touch with youth and my wife sustains me. Everyone should be so fortunate.