Jan Hayes Dougherty

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one, wild and precious life?"

 Mary Oliver

As I think of our 40th Reunion, I am increasingly aware of the gift of time, past, present and future. My 'one, wild and precious life' has been filled with more than its share of joy, and also a full measure of sorrow too as I am sure is true for all of us.

Highlights: Friends both from Pomona and the next 40 years and hopefully new ones around the corner. I am delighted to still be in touch with several PC friends they have added immeasurably to the richness of my life.

Pomona probably was most important to me in that I was able to be challenged and realized I could survive. This has served me well in other difficult times.

Proudest moments: Ah pride can get me in trouble! However, I am so thankful to have been married to Dick for 41 years and counting. The gift of 4 children has been incredible, and now that is enriched by their 'chosen ones' and 5 incredible grandchildren. All 'above average' as you would expect from a Minnesotan.

I worked for 17 years for Minnesota Public Radio and then Target a good thing for me to work and a good thing to be able to retire. I am especially blessed to be a deacon in the Episcopal Church an unexpected gift indeed.

We have delighted in traveling and have seen amazing sights and people. We still think we must be part Italian since we have fallen in love especially with Italy.

Plans for the future? Enjoy each day to the fullest!

Thanks for everyone's hard work.