Janne Shreves Fecht

Personal life: In 1967, I was married to Jerry Fecht (Bachelor's, Master's and PhD from USC) and we have two sons, Brendan (born 1971) and Damon (born 1973). Brendan and his partner, Brian Tillis, have been together for 3 years. Jerry, bless his heart, has been to EVERY Reunion for the Class of '62 (Pomona College). Can you say the same? He's a history/humanities professor at Moorpark College in Ventura County, an artist and a partner in a small Marketing Consulting firm.

Overview of my working life since 1962: My first job was at IBM as some sort of systems trainee. I hated it and they didn't think much of me, either! I quit after a year. In 1963, along with Pat McMichael Holmes, I went to USC, to earn a teaching credential and Master's Degree. I taught high school math for 5 years, the latter 4 at Burbank High School. I retired to the life of my 1950's dream - husband, kids, house in suburbia. I hated that, too! I was not born to be a stay-at-home mom. I have a tile plaque in my kitchen, which was given to me by my good friend, Pooh Venrick, that says, "Martha Stewart Doesn't Live Here". So, it was back to school again - this time for a Master's in Accounting. I guess the third time was the charm. I've been a CPA since 1978. I was Assistant Professor of Accounting at Cal Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks for 4+ years and have been a partner in a small practice in Woodland Hills since 1986. I love what I do, but it's a good thing that Jerry cooks.

Favorite professor and why: Dr. Jaeger! Were it not for him, I doubt that I would have made it through my comprehensive exams as a math major. Remember his song, "A Pomona Boy, A Pomona Girl, Hm-mm, Hm-mm"? He was a wonderful person and a truly nice man.

Proudest moment/most memorable experience in the last 40 years: This is a tough question! I'm proud to have graduated from Pomona College with its liberal arts tradition, its academic reputation, the ivy on its walls and its "eager, thoughtful and reverent" entry gate. I'm very proud of our 40th Reunion Committee! I'm proud of my accomplishments (listed above) and those of my family. But, to pick just one event is impossible! How about a lifetime of memorable experiences? Jerry and I have been married for 34 years and it has been and continues to be a great ride. I suppose that one of the most satisfying elements of my life with Jerry is sharing our lives and home with young people who seem to gravitate toward Jerry. Hey! On a different level, I'm proud of the Shreves Memorial Keg Parties held in the orange groves after Final Exams, both semesters of junior and senior years. The kegs were purchased at long-forgotten Ray's Bar. Were you there?

Most important part of my Pomona experience: Without a shadow of a doubt, it is the people I met there. I'm honored to be one of the crowd.

Plans for the Future: I'm surely not ready to retire. I'm having too much fun. I expect that my life will remain pretty much the same for a while. For the last 55 years, except for my college days, I've lived within a ten mile radius of our present home. There is no point in changing things now. Check the Memory book in 5 years.