June Lane Phelps

 Carl and June Phelps — 2001

Overview of work: Graduated from Harvard University, M.A.T. in English; taught junior high school English literature in Beverly Hills for 3 years. Professional volunteer for 25 years. In 1989, went to art school and became a working artist, selling my work in galleries and privately.

Proudest moment: After the birth of my 2 children and their graduation from college, it would have to be the sale of my first painting.

Most memorable experiences: Too many to list; I suppose the most recent is having a solo show in an art gallery in which I sold 4 paintings!

Favorite Professors: Mr. Mulhauser was my favorite teacher. He was brilliant, scholarly, funny and compassionate. He was an inspirational lecturer and discussion leader. He listened and also helped me when I needed it. He inspired me to become a teacher of English literature. Mr. Jones and Mr. McIntyre — the same as above, and because they taught me I could survive something that scared me.

Future plans: I look forward to traveling more when my husband retires. I’d like to see more of the world, though I have seen more lately due to our daughter’s living in London and our son having been married this last September in Italy. Hopefully, our travels will be less traumatic than our last trip, in which we tried to fly home from Europe on September 11th and were sent to Newfoundland for a week!

Alicia and friend, Mark Ames
New York City, 2001

John Phelps & Marlien Rentmeester
Sept. 1, 2001 Todi, Italy

Lights My Way by June Phelps
18 X 18 inches