Joanne (Keiko) Kondo Nakano

This collage was done by our daughter Stacy for the Kondo triennial reunion held last summer. There are snapshots from our childhood. (The snapshot of Ken's family was taken at Manzanar.) There are also childhood photos of the girls as well as those taken when we visited the girls – Stacy in Cincinnati where she was working on the Bengal's stadium and Trisha when she was working in Japan.

Ken and I have been married for 31 years, we've lived in the same house in Westlake Village for 29 years. We have two wonder daughters - Stacy is an architect in Los Angeles and Trisha is back in the United States after 2 years teaching English in Japan. Trisha will be headed for graduate school in education this fall. I worked in the telecommunications industry for a number of years as a software engineer.

I do volunteer work at the Music Center in Los Angeles, belong to a book club (four members are Pomona graduates - a liberal arts education lasts a lifetime), take extension classes, and in general enjoy the simple things of life with friends and family.

The last couple of years have been time of reconnection with my past. In 2000 my family and I traveled to Calapan, Oriental Mindoro in the Philippines where I was a Peace Corp Volunteer 1966-1968. I felt like Rip Van Winkle. There were things that I recognized but so much had changed. My favorite beach spot was a resort area. The country had become part of the suburbs. The high school where I taught modern math was greatly expanded. (I was thrilled to see a computer lab there.) The town had changed but the kindness and generosity of the people remained the same. We had a wonderful time visiting old friends.

Just last month I had a wonderful visit with Pam Harris. We were roommates our freshman year in Harwood Court. That year marked the beginning of a life-long friendship. For that I thank Pomona very much.

Looking forward to the Class of ‘62 reunion.