Bill Holzer
The sophomore barbers were unskilled. I don't know how many ganged up on Bill Holzer as he returned from Honnold one night, but it wasn't one or two. Wearing one's Rivalry Dink wasn't a surefire passport.

March to the Mudhole
What made everyone look toward Frary as we Freshman men marched south past Walker to the Mudhole? David Self led us to battle with some unifying singing. Jim Storm always stood above any crowd. I think I see Tracy Westen, Bill Soghor, Dallas Holmes, Nick Tanner, Jim Hudnall, and you can probably recognize many others. After snapping this pic I secreted my camera quickly in the Clark dorm ivy so I could rejoin the march. Fortunately, I found my camera undisturbed at the end of the day.

Clark Hall Baseball
After dinner Ken Morimoto pitches to Bill Holzer. Hal Coons umpires and Jeff Sheff just hopes not to be hit by a wild pitch.

Bill Holzer pitches with Hal Coons still umpiring.

My Clark V Desk
I think everyone had a phone like this.

Spring hadn't even begun to really warm up yet but this Sunday morning Claud Sutcliffe and Chris Carpenter didn't want to miss a tanning op.

Rev up the old Buick. It's time for the halftime parade.

Dorm Christmas
From the left: Barry Green, Ron Wong. The illegal eggnog drew some party goers who might prefer that their names not be mentioned.

Fountain Sailing
What DIDN'T show up in Frary Fountain at one time or another? Who knows the story on this one?

Carpenter's Closet
Claud Sutcliffe and Chris Carpenter left so much strewn about, Joe Berger and I went in while they were gone and tidied up a bit. Got their stuff off the floor at least.