Myron Lee, M.D.

 Myron and Gail Lee

40 years. Whew! If I had to sum it all up: Life has been grand what a surprise! The past 30 years have been spent living where I started, in Berkeley working as an ophthalmologist in solo practice. Very happily (re)married to Gail. I have a son Christopher who teaches biochemistry at UCLA. Lived and worked for two years as a malariologist in Southeast Asia and one year in Jerusalem as an eye surgeon at an Arab Eye Hospital. Still travel a lot and play the cello. I plan to retire soon to devote more time to God knows what?

As for what Pomona College meant to me: as a freshman from radical Berkeley, sure that life meant unavoidable conflict and going nose to nose with harsh realities, campus life at Pomona just seemed too relaxed and wholesome not enough angst. However, over the years since leaving, I've grown to appreciate more "balance" and civility in my life to counter the seemingly inexhaustible store of angst in this universe, and I believe really started gaining some notion of this better world at Pomona.

Myron with his son Christopher (at Little Bridges)