Nancy Bayles Ayotte

Greetings, fellow '62 Sagehens. It hardly seems like 40 years have passed! After college I attended medical school in Oregon and then completed a residency in Anesthesiology in Oakland. My practice has taken me to Kansas City, Florida (on Disney's doorstep for 20 years), and now to New Jersey, where I have been for six years. I am now with a pain management practice and am winding down, thinking about "retirement" before too much longer, casting about for less stressful employment options and considering possible relocation.

My husband, Leo, and I recently celebrated our 30th anniversary and look forward to as many more as possible! He provided me with a ready-made family of 4 kids, who are all long since grown and scattered to the winds, all to be proud of.

I have enjoyed a few cross-country visits with my college roommate, Margaret Smith Shetlar, over the years, although I have not had much opportunity to visit the campus. We had such carefree fun in between classes and exams! What a privilege to have had that experience in such a lovely setting. I appreciated the personal availability of the faculty. My special favorite was Dr. Yost Amrein, of the Zoology Dept., for whom I babysat on occasion and spent some happy times accompanying his violin on the piano.

Another teacher I appreciated was Harley Reifsnyder. He was a Pomona alum and was the one who told me about Pomona—he was my high school algebra and chemistry teacher in Portland and pianist for the Portland Symphony, and then he and his wife moved back to CA, and I took piano lessons from him at Pomona! (In recent years I have developed an interest in jazz, which is all around us here in NJ.)

What a thrill it was to hear the Pomona Glee Club perform in NYC not too long ago—it took me back to the memorable tour of my senior year, and I wondered if we sounded that good way back when!

I appreciate your sharing your experiences in Pomona Today—what a talented and creative bunch! I would love to hear from anyone. Best wishes for the next 40!