Pamela Harris

Life since '62: Taught English in Cambridge, Mass, learned photography, got involved in the peace movement, worked in Harvard theatre. Met Randall McLeod (a Canadian) in Macbeth, married him (1967), moved to Toronto (where Randy now teaches English at U/T). Photographed, published and exhibited my work across Canada. Produced multi-media kits (on perception, ecology, women). Got active in the women's movement. Photographed in Newfoundland. Built a community darkroom and photographed in the Northwest Territories. Had a baby (Katy, 1975). Arctic work published as book (Another Way of Being, 1976, now out of print). Had another baby (Emily, 1978). Spent happy times in Santa Cruz giving photo workshops at UCSC, connecting my parents with their grandchildren, photographing farm workers and the UFW (work that needs a permanent home, suggestions or contacts welcome). Photographed my family. Did a huge research, text and photo project on the women's movement across Canada (Faces of Feminism, Second Story Press, Toronto, 1992). Photographed nannies. Saved and maintained a community photo gallery on Toronto's waterfront. Wrote and photographed a concept book for young children (Hot, Cold, Shy, Bold, Kid's Can Press, Toronto, 1994). Worked on Toronto's annual photography festival. Juggled life between my family in Canada and my parents in Sacramento.

Current: Grieving the loss of my parents last summer. Creaky in the joints and not liking it. Stretched between Katy (Vancouver, studying dance), Emily (Ottawa, finishing her masters in social work), Randy (Washington D.C. for 6 months at the Folger Library), California (house full of memories, old letters, sunlight and dust), Ontario (house in Toronto, a lake farther north), past (what does it add up to) and future (how to use it).

Family: Randy…a funny, bright man. I'm lucky to share my life with him. Katy and Emily…complex, creative, adventurous, brave. We love them to bits.

Other loves: Reading, swimming, being in the woods, traveling, listening to music.

Proudest moments: Giving birth, being there for my parents, writing and making photographs in ways I find satisfying, finishing big projects, making a difference in my community, getting through the hard times.

Memorable experiences: Everything is memorable. (Hey, why can't I remember more of it!?)

Pomona: Perhaps the wrong place for me, but a wonderful education which my parents really stretched to give me. Best were the many excellent profs (WT Jones, Mulhauser, Fulton influenced my life greatly) and the range of courses we were forced to take. Classmates I'm still in touch with include Jenny Badger, Keiko Kondo, Cathy Cobb. Missing the reunion as Randy and I will be Italy combining his research and our 35th anniversary.

Plans for future: Not to waste time doing things I don't believe in. Stay as healthy as possible. Write more. Get my work safely housed so my daughters won't have to deal with it. Edit and use the parental archive. Never spend another winter in Toronto. Get back West, with a foot on both sides of the border. Connect with friends (including you if you're interested!) Travel in a way that is meaningful. Live in the present. Get this e-mailed before April 1.