The Parade of Classes

Wilfred Taylor '28 was at the head of the parade. He is 100 years old.

Behind Wilfred came members of the Class of '37.

The Pomona College Balinese Gamelan announced the coming of the parade.

The Class of '62 banner was carried by Janne Shreves Fecht and Tom Johnson

The banner was followed by John Liljenstolpe, Tracy Westen, Bill Dunkle, and Wendy Huntington

More Class of '62 marchers:
Tom Weinberg, Bonnie Bennett Home, Andrea Bond, Steve Watkins and Vera, and Liza Ellsworth

Connie Fross Bassett, Keiko Kondo Nakano, Sue Shivley Zare, Bonnie Austin Morimoto, Eric Olson, and Margie Scott Beckett

A better picture of the Pomona College Balinese Gamelan