Peter W. Tarlton

After two technical jobs in my late 20's, business attracted my career interest. Olin's Chemicals Group gave me the opportunity to move an industrial phosphates business from breakeven to their No. 2 profit contributor. I realized my strong desire to "run my own thing" and joined a family-owned company in 1977. During the next 20 years, we grew tenfold and became the national leader in our market niche. Industry consolidation pressured us to invest in two related market systems as growth engines to double our size. One of my life goals/ideals was to be an entrepreneur, after starting as a "techie". It took many years to learn what I thought I knew, but didn't, about management and investment risk taking. With perseverance, I reached my goal and am happily true to myself.

Most memorable experiences equal the joy and loving challenges of family life. My best friend, Ann, and I have two great children, Peter and Samantha. It was incredible to see both of them born, then laugh with, watch and help them grow. Each member has an advanced degree, Ann in Spiritual Direction, Peter in Industrial Design and Samantha in Business. A summer house on Deer Isle in Penobscot Bay, Maine, is our true "home" in the spiritualnature of life. On September 11, 1999, Samantha married David O'Neil near our Deer Isle "home" and our first grandchild is due right after the 40th reunion! Ann speaks several languages and we love to travel and have enjoyed wonderful people and cultures in Peru, Ecuador, France, Spain, Sweden and Turkey.

A picture of the Pomona College gate inscription "They only are loyal to this college who departing bear their added riches in trust for mankind" has remained in my office. Pomona was/is a community for many walks of life, where one has the freedom to "be", "act out" and experiment. For example, Mt. Baldy was a chance to skifall over 200 times. Forty years later, we ski the face of Rendezvous Bowl at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Having enjoyed three years on Pomona's tennis team, I still play three times a week. Pomona offers a wholesome diversity of people and views, believing that humans need philosophy, religion, government, law, science, and economics, while evolving and integrating, to reach our potential. Pomona's faculty and respect for diversified teaming gave me helpful values and skills for living and organization leadership.

Favorite professors showed a keen interest in their subjects and students. They include Dr. Flournoy in government/constitutional law, Dr. Ferm in Religion I (New Testament - What is faith?), and especially my friend Dr. Martin Fuller in Physical Chemistry.

Continuing education has been a wonderful gift in my life. After Pomona and a Masters in Chemical Engineering from Stanford, I served as a First Lieutenant Airborne Ranger in the US Army Corps of Engineers. Business education included night courses toward an MBA and Harvard's Small Company Management Program. I also completed programs in Group Development and Organization and Systems Development at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. These teachings stretched my mind, body and spirit while increasing my selfconfidence and appreciation for life. Gestalt professionals helped me to overcome difficult legacies from family of origin dysfunction, while many wonderful spiritual mentors started me toward a meaningful prayer life and joyful relationship with God during my life's journey. I have truly been blessed with my family, work and faith.

Plans for the future include: handing over the reins of our family business to competent management; living in France or Peru with Ann for six month intervals; skiing; and contributing my energy to the international spread of Gestalt teachings about strategic and intimacy skills in families and organizations, large and small. Thanks for reading!