Mary (Polly) Penrose Colby

Can it really be 40 years since we graduated from Pomona? I began teaching in a new field only 2 years ago, so I am still feeling like a "young" neophyte. While many younger teachers are considering retirement, I have elected to continue in the classroom until this is no longer any fun.

Upon leaving Pomona we (my former husband Bill Colby and I) came to Madison, Wisconsin, thinking we'd just stay long enough to attend graduate school and then be off to seek our fortune elsewhere. Neither of us has left yet. This town is really an ideal place to live and raise a family. I earned a Masters degree from the University of Wisconsin in History and Education, and after one year of teaching high school history settled down to be a "homemaker" for the next twenty years.

I have 3 delightful sons and 2 adorable grandchildren (aren't they all adorable?) Binks, my oldest son, is a hydro-geologist and computer programmer in Maine, and Steve, my youngest, works in computers here in Madison. My middle son, Rick, is just completing his PhD from Duke in Islamic Studies. He will be teaching Comparative Religion at Miami University of Ohio next fall, continuing the family tradition in academia.

In 1984 I re-entered the teaching field, this time working with students who had learning disabilities. I loved the challenge of helping these kids realize their academic potential, and I cheered as a number of my students graduated from college. However, the field began to change over the years and I left it when excessive paper work and lack of state and federal funding made it almost impossible to work effectively with students. I am now once again teaching U.S. history to high school students and find myself often reflecting on the teachers I had at Pomona: Mrs. Davis, Mr. Learnihan, Mr. Kemble.

I will miss being with you at our 40th but I will be with you in spirit. Madison is a wonderful place to visit so please let me know if you are ever in the area. GO, SAGE HENS!!!