Elizabeth (Pooh) Venrick

My life after Pomona College has been, for the most part, a rollickin’ good adventure. I earned a PhD in Biological Oceanography at Scripps Institution, and was fortunate to be hired there as a part of a large, multi-institutional research program, (California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigation: CalCOFI). I have spent more than a year of my life on various research vessels, with ports of call from Kodiak, Alaska, to Palmer Station, Antarctica (and wonderful stops in between - anyone ever heard of Rurutu?) This changed in Dec 2000 with the unexpected death of a close friend and our program’s director. To fill a very large vacuum, I was “elevated” into administration, clearly demonstrating the Peter Principle. I am now the co-director of a new research division at Scripps, as well as the Scripps director for CalCOFI. (“Director Pooh” - how can anyone take me seriously?). Instead of going to sea, I go to meetings.

For sanity, I have Ron, with whom I have lived for nearly 20 years, Sammy, our boisterous Senegal Parrot, and early morning e-mail jokes from Janne, Patti and Wendy. For extreme stress, I bike or hike or step on snails.

And now - time for another meeting.

Hastily yours, Pooh (a.k.a. Elizabeth Venrick)