Priscilla Weaver Hibbard

The Priscilla Weaver Hibbard Index*
 Number of years married to Tom Hibbard ('59)  40
 Number of children  3
 Andrea '86, Paul, and Laura  
 Year in which we became grandparents  2000
 Percentage of teachers in our family  80%
 Tom college, Priscilla elementary,  
 Andrea college, Paul high school  
 Estimated number of pets over the years  20+
 5 cats, 4 cows, 3 dogs, 2 sheep, 2 rabbits,  
 1 pony, 2 guinea pigs, fish  
 Most talented pet  Cat
 Tigger opened the door regularly by leaping  
 onto shelf and wiggling the handle  
 Number of houses lived in before 1973  8
 Number of houses lived in after 1973  2
 Year in which I retired from teaching  1998
 Number of retirement activities  5+
 CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate for  
 Abused Children), book groups, hardy plant  
 Garden Club, aerobic class, art classes  
 Ratio of watercolor paintings that I consider framing  1:5
 The year I celebrated 50 years of friendship in Japan  2001
 Kazue and I have visited each other several  
 times, shared our art, letters, and traditional  
 Japanese baths together  
 Year I had seminars in Western Civ. with Learnihan  1958
 Wishes and plans for the future  
 Hiking in the Cascades, staying connected with  
 friends, cultivating Meconopsis (sky blue  
 Himalayan Poppy), achieving a more peaceful  
 world for our grandchildren  
 * Idea credited to Harper's Magazine