Randy Sweeney

Important Events in our lives since June, 1962:

Randy: University of Hawaii (Graduate Study in Marine Ecology) 1962-63, Cuban Missile Crises (13 days in October, 1962), U. S. Peace Corps (Science Teaching, Liberia, West Africa) 1963-65, Graduate Study (University of Illinois, Urbana) 1965-67 (M. Ed. Science Education), Science Education (Marshall H.S., Chicago Public Schools) 1967-73, Construction of Vessel Cetacea (40 ft. Ferro-concrete ketch, San Diego, CA) and development of Project SAIL (School with Adventure Inspires Leadership) 1973-76, Efforts to fund Project SAIL - UNSUCCESSFUL (San Francisco Bay Area, 1976-79), Science Education (Jordan and Jefferson High Schools, Los Angeles Unified School District, 1979- present).

Betsey: University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois (Ph.D., Cultural Anthropology, 1972)

Lora: Marlborough School Graduate (1999), Harvard College (Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, 2003)

Jon: Windward School (Class of 2003)

The four years I spent with you all at Pomona taught me so much more than I expected from college. Life is certainly a dynamically evolving proposition, and I feel that the liberal arts traditions so important to education at Pomona began a process for me that continues to this day. In this light I'd like to outline my dreams for a "Liberal Arts" involvement with humanity in the future:

When I am no longer able to work in a classroom with adolescents, I plan to once again help people who are isolated in remote towns on our planet get connected to the excitement of the new and so rapidly developing global digital community. I hope to do this through assisting these people with procuring equipment, constructing facilities to house and support it, and helping them learn how to use, maintain and upgrade this modern technology. With the advent of more environmentally friendly electric power generation systems, the spectacular development of the Internet, digital communications systems, digital audio and imaging tools and other digital-based technology, and satellites in place to facilitate the flow of information, I may actually be able to act effectively on my dreams. It seems that our ignorance as to how to live peacefully together that was so evident with the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1963 and motivated me so strongly to enter "education" persists past "9-11". Clearly we need to develop still better means to get to know and understand one another…in our families, our local communities as well as globally!