Randy Sweeney

 My life since our 40th reunion in 2002 have seen my family progress in ways more typical of someone who is more like 50 years old, rather than in his mid 60's. I guess I'm a late bloomer!

My daughter, Lora, who graduated from Harvard with a BA in Biology (cum late) is now deeply into her graduate work at Stanford where she is working on a Ph.D. in Neuroscience in Liqun Luo's lab.

My son, Jonathan, who was to graduate from Reed College this year (2007), has decided to take off a year and do some work in Indonesia. Although he is only half way through this year experience, it is clear that he is having one of those "life-changing" sets of events that are seldom experienced by someone of his age. He's working on a project in Evolutionary Ecology where he is analyzing the adaptation of plant leaves to various gradients in the tropical regions of several Indonesian Islands.

Which brings me to the subject of my continuing work at Jefferson High School! With all the educational loans as well as the second mortgages, no way can I afford to retire! (Or want to retire!) I certainly am continuing to enjoy my work in a public school science classroom, even though my aging body and mind continue to be challenged by the adolescent energy so abundant at a high school.

My wife, Betsey, a Cultural Anthropologist by education (but where she found it difficult to find paid work) and an elementary level teacher since our children began their own schooling (teaching left her time to spend with our children after they both concluded their own work in their respective schools) has found her niche as a School Psychologist. In her present work, Betsey's broad range of talents and skills are being brought to bear on helping families who have some of those serious problems that most of us have been so lucky to avoid!

And…I am almost finished with the construction of a bathroom upstairs in our home next to Betsey's and my bedroom. Years ago, when I built the upstairs addition to our home in Ladera, this bathroom was left unfinished and became a storage room! The bathroom is going to be real nice as it includes one of those fancy "air jet" tubs (an inside jacuzzi). As my body begins to suffer from some serious pains of aging, it will feel real good to massage away this aging with those warm jets of water.

I've heard of the notion that it's a sin to die wealthy! Well you can be sure that I will not be dying wealthy with all the expenses that we continue to have, and that I am so confident that you also know about so well.

Jon, Randy, and Lora in the Snow

Jon, Betsey, and Randy

Lora, Jon, and Randy