A Few More Photos

Sandy King (Young)

Hal Coons

Carol, Ted, Carol, and Christine

Sandra Martensen and Carol Irwin (Plumlee)

Carol, Rusty, and Mary Anne Doms

Pooh Corner: Margie Beckett (Scott), Connie Bassett (Fross), Bev James (Butler), and Natalie Greenleaf

Carol, Dave, and Sue

Dave Beckett, Margie, Sue, and John Bruch

Jack and Claudette Beahrs

Bonnie poses with Doug McConnell of the class of '67. Doug is a television personality in the Bay Area. Bonnie is a fan of his shows about travel and discovery.

Janne's thank you gift

There was still a little snow on old Baldy

The Replica House is still the home for KSPC's transmitter, but this will be its last year. It has to be moved to make way for a new building. The rumor is that the college is looking for someone who will agree to move the house to a new location (probably not on campus) and keep it intact. The transmitter and antenna will be moved to a new location in Padua Hills.

The lobby of Harwood Court is looking good. It has been remodeled and cleaned up significantly since we were on campus ten years ago.