Lunch on the Quad

Carol Irwin (Plumlee) and Jim Hudnall

Priscilla Hibbard (Weaver) and Randy Sweeney

Bob Kirkwood and Barbara Blankenship (Park)

Jerry Smith and Fred Hlawatsch

Pat Holmes (McMichael) and Wendy Huntington

Jenny (Badger) and Henry Sultan

Claudette and Jack Beahrs

Jack and Wendy

Wendy and the dance instructor

Steve Pauley's family

PV 62 Grizzlies - Jim Johnson, Tracy Westen, Tom Hutchins, and Tom Weinberg

Bob Irvine

Mike Gollub, Paul Muchnic, and Sue Bruch (Tippett)

James Ullrey, Martha Booz, and Steve Montague

Joyce Renaker (Burley), Sandy Martensen, and
Tracy Eason-Mochizuki

Keiko (Kondo) and Ken Nakano

Sue (Hutchinson) and Dave Self

Karen Levin (Hochfeld) and Tondria Gelman (Estes)

Chris and Jim Storm

Judy Hoff (Schellinger)

Ted Armbrister and Margie Beckett (Scott)

Bonnie (Bennett) and De Home

June (Lane) and Carl Phelps

Carol (Plumlee) and Gary Irwin

Rich Kettler and Sandy Padgett (Schlick)

Bill Holzer

Hal and Jeannette Coons

Dave practices his drum major routine

Jan Tucker (Clark), Christine Stewart (Leonhardt), Bev James (Butler), and Sandy Padgett (Schlick)

Vera and Steve Watkins

Bonnie Home (Bennett)

Steve Spaulding, Steve Montague, Martha Booz, and Christine Stewart (Leonhardt)

Janne Fecht (Shreves) and Wendy Huntington, ready for the parade