Tour of the new Studio Art Hall

Art Building 1

Dianne and Susan are ready for the tour of the Studio Art Hall.

Art Building 2

 Art Building 3

Susan and Dianne check out an art exhibit.

Art Show

More Art Exhibits

Art Building 4    Art Building 5

Dianne with Susan and Bonnie

Art 14

Janne and Wendy in the Art Studio Auditorium for the kickoff of the tour.

Art Building 6

An art professor explains the Art Studio to the alumni.

Art Building 14

Art Building 7

A giant chalkboard rests at one end of the Art Studio.

Art Building 9

Art Table Chair

Art Building 12    Art Building 13

Dianne sits at one of the student art tables while an art project watches over the outside of the building.

 Art Building 10

A conference table made from scrap wood cuttings left over from other projects

 Art Building 11

The underside of the conference table showing the honeycomb structure that supports the top