Tour of the Millikan Laboratory

Millikan 1

The old Millikan Laboratory was completely torn down, and a new one with the same exterior appearance was built.

Millikan 8

The interior of the new building is modern and energy efficient, full of light and glass, much different from the old one.

Millikan 23    Millikan 24

Almost every building on campus has a rack for skateboards.

Millikan 30

The new Millikan Laboratory is LEED Platinum

Millikan 4

The building is shared by the Mathematics and Physics & Astronomy Departments.

Millikan 6

The Physics Department likes blackboards, and the Math Department prefers whiteboards.

    Millikan 12    Millikan 22

Even the Laboratory has artwork.

Millikan 13

Millikan 20

The Argue Auditorium

Millikan 14

A Millikan Classroom

Millikan 15

The dome
housing the Digital Planetarium is visible in the first picture above.

Millikan 16    Millikan 17

Demonstrations of focused sound were set up in the courtyard.

Millikan 18

The Laboratory has some very nice equipment for the students to use

Millikan 19

Millikan 20