What Were We Thinking?

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We met in Hahn Hall for sharing.

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Natalie and Doug

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Doug told us the story of his great adventure.

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Mike Garner, Phil Groce, and Doug Sprague hopped on a boxcar with no hats, no jackets, and no water.

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This is the route they took.

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The train traveled over barren land through twenty-seven tunnels.

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Dave was our humorous moderator. He unfurled his presidential tie and kept us laughing.

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Dave's mom came to Claremont when he did and worked at the Claremont Inn front desk.

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Sue sang a parody of  "A Few of My Favorite Things."

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Bonnie lead the group in another Sound of Music parody, "We are 60, Going on 70."

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Tracy told about a startling interview he recorded for KSPC.
Clinton recounted his road trip to Costa Rica that essentially destroyed his '62 Corvair.

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June brought her artwork.

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