Robert D. Irvine, M.D.

 My Other Car is a Fiat
(Hiking in Italy — Sienna to Montepulciano)

I do not plan to attend the class reunion but I am grateful for the opportunity to send a response.

Since 1962 I have been involved in medicine – graduated med school in 1966. Two years at UCLA surgery program; then two years in the military, taking care of G.I.’s from Viet Nam. Then three more years of orthopedic surgery training. Now I am twenty-nine years in Hilo, Hawaii, a wonderful small town. I plan to spend the next four to eight years removing myself from medicine and enjoy a retirement of traveling to Italy and learning Italian.

My proudest moments and most memorable occasions have been seeing two daughters graduate as Valedictorians at Hilo High School, and the wedding of my third daughter. (Katherine M. Irvine, Pomona class of ‘94)

The Pomona experiences I most cherish are simply the close friendships of a few friends and fraternity brothers, and, of course, dating my wife, Susan (Susan E. Scheffer, Pomona Class of ‘64).

My favorite professor remains Dr. Sontag. He was the only professor I remember who involved himself with my personal life (a not very exciting life of an ordinary student).

Future plans are to learn a foreign language (hopefully Italian) and to travel, but always return to Hilo. I shall be chief of staff of Hilo Hospital for the next two years. (Did it once before about twenty years ago, but medicine has changed drastically since then.) Still plan on hiking and camping.

Wish I could see Sweeney sometime.