Ronald T. Wong

Ron with his wife Terri, and two daughters, Melissa and Amy

After graduation from Pomona with my Bachelor of Arts in Physics, I obtained a Masters of Science in Mathematics at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). With these academic credentials, I joined the call to launch our country into space. I worked in California with Space General Corporation and Aerojet General Corporation to develop lunar and missile guidance systems. The seven years I spent in the space program of our country was exciting and completely different from my liberal arts education at Pomona. During those years, I realized that business is a critical component of technology and continued my education in the evenings at the University of Southern California and obtained a Masters of Business Administration.

Who would have thought that twenty-seven years later, I would retire from the Ford Motor Company? This journey started when I relocated from California to Michigan with the intention of working for one year to gain business experience from the second largest corporation in the world (so similar to my nurturing experiences in the protective Pomona campus?). I was pleasantly surprised by the stimulation I received from the automotive industry and the Midwest environment. Also to my surprise, this Midwest industry provided me the opportunity to gain international experience. In my last assignment at Ford, I was asked to direct and manage the global consolidation of Ford's distributive computer infrastructure. This global consolidation of more than one billion dollars of equipment and 650 systems established a professional computer infrastructure recognized as 'best-in-class' in the industry. During this time I had the opportunity to contribute to the computer industry as President of Honeywell's Large Systems Users Association and as senior member of Dell's Global Advisory Board. Since retirement from Ford, I founded a consulting and information technology company and serve on the Board of Directors of National Tech Team.

My real passion at this time is to enjoy life with my wife Terri. We have two daughters, Melissa and Amy. Our newest addition and joy is Mia, our granddaughter. Also, three cats and a dog keep us young and very busy.