Sandy Martensen

Sandy and Finley

Alan and Finley

Forty years and no outstanding accomplishments to report. Life has been good in so many ways—happy marriage, great friends, close family, and good health. Besides Pomona, here’s a few experiences I’m very glad to have had.

The most adventurous (Apr ’70 – Apr ’72) began on a freighter to Casablanca, trains and buses across North Africa, through the Middle East, Iran, and to Afghanistan, seeing the Buddhas at Bamian (recently demolished by the Taliban). Returning to Europe through Yugoslavia and living in a VW bus (converted to a camper by Alan as we traveled), to England and Scandinavia (summers) and to Turkey (1st winter) and Morocco (2nd winter). Glad we did this trip while young, energetic, and patient enough for some discomfort, and to have seen places before the tumultuous years that followed.

Other great escapes: a stay in Rarotonga, Cook Islands, where Alan operated a satellite communications station for a friend, hiking Yosemite Hi Camps, rafting Grand Canyon, touring San Blas Islands, Machu Picchu, the Galapagos.

We tried to raise a service dog, Finley (pictured), who preferred to be a circus dog and failed out 2nd semester of Canine Companions for Independence training. He’s been a wonderful pet for 12 years and just got an award for his 10th year as a pet-assisted therapy dog—cheering up convalescents a couple of times a month.

Since retiring in 1992, after 30 years as a programmer and technical writer, I volunteer as a tutor of English to Spanish speaking students, help work parties at local nature preserves, and assist at fundraisers.

Pomona Memories: Glee Club, especially tours to San Francisco, singing madrigals on the cable car and in North Beach. Turf suppers. Russian tea served by the lady with a braid wrapped over her (missing?) ear.

Future plans: Stay active (cope with aging as well as the 90 year olds Finley and I have met), try to leave this earth and our society in as good shape as possible for generations that follow us.