Sarma Dravnieks Gort

Since graduating from Pomona I have worked as a homemaker, teacher (high school French, Spanish, and German and elementary school), and mechanical draftsman. For the past ten years, my passion has been running my small restaurant in Loveland, Colo. We remodeled a parson's home that had been built in 1900, hence the name "The Parsonage". When everything is running smoothly, I love it because I can pursue my hobbies of cooking and gardening there. It is on a corner lot, so there is a big garden around it.

Alfred and I will be celebrating our 39th anniversary this summer. We have two children, and two grandchildren. Alex lives near Tucson, AZ., and Elaine is in Alexandria, VA.

We've lived at our present address most of the time, but have seen much of the world with our travels. Another shared interest is music – especially opera, jazz, and Polynesian folk.