Dave, Sue, and Grandkids


2012  Lilah Self (daughter of our son, Dan, who is a fireman in Austin, Texas) enjoying an ice cream cone.

Lilah and Mark

2012  Lilah Self having an intellectual discussion about literature with Mark Twain at the Austin Public Library.


2013  Four of our grandchildren:  Christian Watkins, son of daughter Christine, David Green, son of daughter Cherie,
 Johnny Watkins, adopted son of Christine, and Sophia Green, daughter of our daughter, Cherie Green.


2014  Sue and Dave in Dubrovnik.

Johnny and Lilah

2014  Johnny Watkins and Lilah Self.


2015  Sue and Dave in Isfahan, Iran.

Kids with Stevie

2015  Dave, with Dan's children, Lilah and Hutch Self, in Austin, at a statue of Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Chess Trophy

2016  Lilah with her brother, Hutch, holding his chess trophy.