Stephen M. Pauley

This a picture of Marylyn and me with the Newport Beach family. Our second son, Clarke, with Brookie (7) who was born 2 lbs 11 oz. She remembers everything and is very wise, and Kara (5) who is likely to be the boss of everyone. Taken at St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Sun Valley, December '05.

This is the Pittsburgh family, son Scott and daughter-in-law Abbie. Hannah (9) on the left is a top swimmer for her age group. Maia (6) on the right is into karate (green belt), and we don't mess with her. Of course both play soccer (it's un-American not to do so these days). The picture was taken on Thanksgiving '05 in S. Hero, VT - while visiting Marylyn's sister, Gwen Prosser Hobbs, and Dave Hobbs, both PC grads ('67 & '65).