Susan Hutchinson Self

Dave and I married shortly after Pomona graduation, so my life since then has been largely occupied with raising our three children and trying to keep Dave on track and healthy. Our children are the pride and delight of my life: Christine (35) is a grief counselor at a hospice, as well as a professional liturgical dancer performing for the most part in Catholic churches in the Bay Area. She is newly married to a wonderful young man who runs the youth program for a San Francisco Catholic-sponsored homeless shelter. Cherie (31) is a doctor specializing in internal medicine and pediatrics and is just finishing her residency at the University of Michigan as is her husband, a specialist in rehabilitation. They have just produced an awesome child, David James Green, our first grandchild. They plan to move to California next fall. Son Dan (29) graduated with an MBA from the University of Texas last year and is starting his own real estate/home rehab company in Austin. He will marry a lovely UT classmate next fall, and they will settle in Austin.

Music has remained at the center of my life - church and synagogue soloist since 1962. I’ve been performing in several small choral groups over the years — always trying to replicate the Pomona Glee Club experience under Bill Russell.

Professionally I have ventured into non-profit management and PR. After handling the Public Information Office for the Berkeley Unified School District for several years, I began working for a foundation which raises money for the public schools. I have also been chorus manager for the Oakland Symphony Chorus for the last four years. In both situations, the work is very satisfying - facilitating bringing beautiful music into the community and helping the beleaguered public school systems provide meaningful education for inner city kids.

Pomona in the 50s and 60s was a pretty unsophisticated place, and I think some of us suffered for that when we landed in the big, bad world. I have always felt that the street-wise education I received at Berkeley High School was more helpful in managing my life than the more esoteric Pomona experience. Pomona, however, provided a wonderfully warm situation with attentive and caring professors. Particularly meaningful to me were Bill Russell, Karl Kohn, and Margery Briggs of the Music Department. I call on their advice and teaching all the time and value their kind and careful guidance. Equally awesome were the other music students at the time (Cece Miles, Barbara Park, to name just two) - and many who are in the Bay Area that I continue to work with (Ward Belding, Mary Triest, Jo Maxon, Frank Albinder, Cheryl Keller, Kristin Pankonin, Martha Vlahos.)

As to the future - trying to keep one’s health is the first order of business. We live on a 10-acre ranch in Castro Valley and really enjoy the relative isolation and rural beauty after living in the city so long. Staying here as long as possible is my goal so my grandchildren can enjoy it as much as I have. Sir Toby Belch, the Welsh Mountain Sheep whose photos are featured on Dave’s page, is our gardener and does a terrific job. Come visit us and see!