Tom Hutchins

Do we all muse wonderingly, as I have, at the speed of life's passage?

40 years. How can it be? Well, it just is. So..."Deal" as some say.

When I graduated in ‘62 and went east to law school at Cornell (high above Cayuga's waters) it was with the thought of a career segue to Europe after a few years of New York practice to (perhaps) join my father's law firm in Paris (where, some will recall, I was raised). How plans veer !!

In 1966 (upon graduation) I packed my belongings in my VW bug and drove west, back to California. Not for me the life of Wall St…rather…the courtroom called. I joined the LA Public Defender's Office and after a few years moved to Ventura County and joined the DA's office. Aside from a brief stint in private practice in the mid seventies I was a full time prosecutor (major crimes mostly) until 1989 when Governor Deukmejian appointed me to the Municipal Court bench. For the past 5 years I have been on the Ventura County Superior Court with a Civil Trials assignment in Simi Valley.

Along this journey, I married. My wife, Gale, is a science teacher (biology/anatomy/physiology/natural science) at Newbury Park High. Both our children are "out of the home" and in the workforce. Son Brad is a physical therapist in Camarillo, and daughter Sandy is an elementary school teacher just up the coast in Arroyo Grande. Gale and I enjoy two grandchildren: Jake and Cole —"gifts" from their parents Sandy and Kent (son in law) Hubert. He is a high school social science teacher and wrestling coach at Arroyo Grande High School.

Over the years I have recalled Pomona with many fond memories. Those memories are focused on the teachers: Learnihan, Kemble, Poland, Gleason, Flournoy. The high quality of attention and caring that I recall emanating from those men stands out sharply. Learnihan has edged the others in my fond recollections: his energy, and enthusiasm were remarkable. Freshman "Western Civ" was a standout experience.

Gale & I will continue to live and work in Ventura County for the foreseeable future. Our son lives down the street and our daughter is only a two hour drive up the coast. We look forward to an expanding family (more grandkids) and continued enjoyment of our careers.